During 26 years of the establishment and development (15/3/1989-15/3/2014), Saigon Newport Corporation has become the most modern, professional and biggest container terminal operator in Vietnam with the sea -port operation services like: cargo handling, Logistics, Maritime services, salvage, pilot, real estate, office building, civil and military construction and multi-modal transportation services. In the present time, the SNP holds the leading market share among the terminal operators in Vietnam. The import-export container throughput of SNP has accounted for more than 85 % of the market share in Hochiminh city area and nearly 50 % nationwide.

SNP manages a system of the premises from the North to the South with tens of subsidiary operating in different economic fields. The SNP’s terminals include: Tan Cang Terminal, Tan Cang- Cat Lai Terminal, Tan Cang- Hiep Phuoc in Ho Chi Minh city, Tan Cang- Cai Mep deep sea terminal  (TCCT, TCIT) and Tan Cang - Cai Mep ODA terminalin Baria Vung Tau, Tan Cang- middle Terminal in Quy Nhon, Tan Cang- 128 terminal, Tan Cang- 198 terminal in Hai Phong, Tan Cang - My Tho terminal, Tan Cang - Tra Noc terminal, Tan Cang - Sa Dec terminal, Tan Cang - Cao Lanh terminal. Besides the terminal development, SNP has also focused on the enlargement of the Logistic network. SNP owns the ICD in the centre of the industrial parks like Tan Cang- Song Than ICD in Binh Duong Province, Tan Cang- Long Binh ICD in Dong Nai province, Tan Cang ICD in Ho Chi Minh city, Nhon Trach depot in Dong Nai province and the coming Tan Cang- Cai Mep ICD in Baria Vung Tau. SNP has also deployed the barging routes to connect Cambodia, Mekong Delta to Tan Cang- Cat Lai and ICDs in Ho Chi Minh city and the terminals in Cai Mep. In the future, the waterway transportation form HO Chi Minh city and cai Mep to the central provinces of Vietnam shall also be developed.

Tan Cang- Cat Lai Terminal is now the biggest and most modern international container terminal in Vietnam in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Tan Cang- Cat Lai terminal is located near the Industrial Parks and Processing zones in the North of Ho Chi Minh city and those of Binh Duong & Dong Nai provinces. The total area of Tan Cang- Cat Lai Terminal is nearly 800,000 sqm. Cat Lai terminals 7 berths with the total length of 1,189 meters which have been equipped with 17 Modern Panamax Quayside Gantry Cranes.The new terminal management and operation software system namely TOP-X provided by the RBS ( Australia) and the corresponding hardware of the terminal allow the container management in the real time as well as optimize the terminal capability, reduce the cargo receipt/delivery time and create the utilities for the customers. Tan Cang- Cat Lai is the first choice of the consignees and shippers of the south thanks to its best service quality and the advantageous location

Tan Cang- Cai Mep container terminal is the Vietnamese first deep sea terminal operational since June 3rd 2009. Tan Cang- Cai Mep Terminal is able to accommodate the vessel of up to 110,000 DWT ( 9,000 Teus). Tan Cang- Cai Mep now handles the vessels of the direct services from Vietnam to the West and East coast of the USA deployed by the Alliances of the big shipping lines in the world : The New World Alliance, The Grand Alliance and CHYK.

Tan Cang- Cai Mep International container terminal ( TCIT) - the joint venture of SNP with three Asian big shipping lines Mitsui O.S.K Lines, Hanjin Shipping and Wan Hai Lines shall be operational in the first Quarter of 2011.

During its development, the Corporation pays high attention to build the enterprise culture . The traditional beauties in the characteristics of the Saigon Newport’s officers and staffs as being professional, responsible, committed to the customers, well- disciplined, dynamic, creative and loyal to the customers have become the most important factors to make the successful achievements and prestige of the brand name “Saigon Newport ”.

Thanks to the excellent achievements, Saigon Newport was awarded the title “Labor Hero of the Renovation Period” by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2004 and many Medals, Competition Flags and other certificates of Merit such as First Second and Third Labor Medals, Victory Medals and the noble prizes for the Strong Brand -Name and top trade services. Especially, in 2010 &2012, Saigon Newport is one among 43 enterprises in Vietnam awarded the “Vietnam value 2010 and 2012”. This is the most prestigious symbol of the brand value in Vietnam selected by the National Brand Board.

As the leading terminal operator in Vietnam, Saigon Newport is trying its best efforts to perfect the service quality and commits itself to provide customers with the door- to -door services with the motto “Come to SAIGON NEWPORT, Come to THE BEST QUALITY SERVICES”!

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  • Mr. Wang Yi Yong - Import/Export Director of Texhong Nhon Trach

    Saigon Newport Corporation always aims at improving the service qualities and provide door-to-door services to customers.
  • Mr. Dang Quoc Tien - Vice General Director of Military Bank - MB

    I strongly believe that SNP keep always the position as a leading terminal operator in Vietnam with the rapid and sustainable development. SNP has been and will also be the key seaport developer who leads and makes the big contribution to the development of Vietnam port system, make a gradual enlargement for the seaport development in the region and worldwide.
  • Mr. Hoang Trung Hai - The Member of the Central Party Committee - Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

    With the sincere feelings, I highly appreciate and respect the efforts as well as contributions of SNP in term of diversifying the strength of economic resources of BR-VT province in particular and of Vietnam in general. Especially, SNP contributes to solve the problem of creating more jobs for the local labor force which has profound social meaning, there-by makes the motivation for sustainable development of the country's economy. BR-VT province has great potentials in deep-water port and logistics services, still awaiting capable investors such as Saigon Newport Corporation. In the near future, I hope that we will give the licenses and launch such big projects.
  • Mr. Nguyen Tuan Minh - The Member of the Central Party Committe, Secrectary of Party Committee of Baria Vung Tau

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